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A discussion on teenage pregnancy as a sociological problem.

The paper discusses the fact that teenage pregnancy remains one of the most pervasive social problems discussed in the media today. It explains that teenage pregnancy does not occur in a vacuum, it is also a sociological problem, as certain teenagers from certain disadvantaged backgrounds engage in high risk behavior with greater frequency than those who do not. The paper discusses that a cognitive-behavioral psychological approach of unintended rewards and reinforcement combined with a homeostatic structural-functional sociological approach towards human society can produce an explanation and some possible solutions to this problem.

First, however, an overview of the problem and current available solutions must be briefly documented. One of the most striking facets essay writing method about teenage pregnancy is the relatively high rate of teenage pregnancy in the United States, as compared with other industrialized nations. Frank pregnancy-prevention programs in nations such Sweden with low rates of teenage pregnancy have caused many advocates to suggest that the cause of the United States' relatively high teenage pregnancy rate must be due to its enforced sexual naivete in education and Puritanical attitudes towards teenage sexuality. Other advocates take the opposite view and stress abstinence as the answer to the problem of teenage sexuality.

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