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An introduction to the Jewish concentration camps built by the Nazis in WWII.

The paper discusses concentration camps built by Hitler's Germany in WWII for Jews as well as other prisoners. It provides a brief overview of the history of anti-semitism in Germany of the time, including Kristallnacht, and describes life as it was for prisoners in the camps.

The living conditions in both camps could be classified as dismal at best. The poor living conditions caused contagious diseases to spread like wild fire throughout the camps. In Auschwitz I, the prisoners lived in brick barracks with hundreds of three leveled bunk beds. The barracks did not have heating https://essaylab.com/college_papers or any sanitary components to them. The barracks were extremely overcrowded, had leaking roofs, and there were rats running all over the place. While in the camps, prisoners received three meager meals a day. If they were performing "light" labor they would be given 1,300 calories of food a day. If they were doing more demanding work they would be fed 1,700 calories a day. As a result of being fed a very small amount of cbest sample essay topics food in relation to the amount of work they were doing, many prisoners suffered from malnutrition and a form of physical deterioration they referred to as the "Muzulman state"."
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