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Examining the story "The Yellow Wall Paper," by Evans Gilman.

This paper introduces and discusses the short story "The Yellow Wall Paper," by Evans Gilman. Specifically, it looks at how the narrator's attitude or perception of her husband changes in the course of her "cure." Provides insight into the relationship of husband and wife and how this develops over the course of the story.

The Yellow Wall Paper" is truly a descent into madness, and look inside the mind of a madwoman. As the the best essay for college character's life in the house in the country unfolds, the reader has to wonder why she did not go mad more quickly, because she has no stimulation of any sort. She does not take care https://essaylab.com/write_my_paper_for_me of her baby; there is a nursemaid for that, and to see to the household chores. Her husband, a doctor, does not really believe she is sick, and often tells her so. He does not understand that she would like to do something, anything that would keep her mind active. Ultimately, he may be right in his assessment, but his method of curing her simply drives her further into madness. He tells her to rest, get no mental stimulation, and not to do work of any sort."
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