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A discussion of the morality of Nestle's marketing strategy of encouraging the switch from breastfeeding to infant formula in third world countries.

This paper discusses the morality of Nestle's marketing tactics in promoting the use of infant formula in third world countries. Immanuel Kant's theory of Act Utilitarian and John Rawls Original Position are used to evaluate the https://essaylab.com/cheap_essays morality of Nestle's marketing behavior. 

Corporate ethics and responsibilities are considered to be of utmost importance. Every level of the organization reflects the action of the community. An open door policy in an organization is considered to be good because it allows the employees, who are also members of society, to point the unjust actions of the organization. However, how and where do we draw the line how to write an essay all about me of the perceived responsibilities" within a community? How can we determine whether an organization is acting within the boundaries of moral standards? To understand this author has taken into consideration the controversial issue of Nestle's Infant Formula and its marketing tactics in the third world countries. The author uses Immanuel Kant's theory of Act Utilitarian and John Rawls Original Position to argue whether Nestle is morally correct in its marketing practice or not."
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